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Capturing the wild springs October 23, 2010

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Working in the mountains, there are many natural springs which are a huge blessing for the communities; a plentiful supply of water, fresh and usually quite clean. Before the earthquake many communities had tapped this springs and used them to pipe the water throughout the hillsides, from one community to another, serving the needs of many people. The erthquake changed that however, landslides causing the pipes to be damaged and destroyed, and the network of tapped springs to be destroyed.

We have a programme o f’ ‘spring captures’ – a delicious phrase, evoking for me images of hunting the wild springs of the mountains, tracking them across the hillsides, and taming them to our domestic wills :-). I visited one such capture recently, and saw the work our teams are doing in wrestling the wild springs of the mountains into submission.  From the photo I can recognise that it may apear to just be a pool of mud. Granted, that may actually be all it is right now. But you can see the pipe with the spring water pouring out of it, and where the mud is, there will eventually be a cement tank to hold the water straight after it comes out from the ground, it will then filter it and send it down the pipe to a nearby tapstand. There will also be a second pipe which will travel alot further – all the way down a mountainside, along a valley bottom, and up the hillside agaian, to a second community. You can see in the second photo, I am standing at the level of the spring as I take the photo and the houses you can see on the opposite hillside are where the capture will be tamed and released in to.

It’s such a good plan. And such a blessing; we can take this natural resource, literally pouring forth from the hillside, and make sure that as many people as possible benefit from it. We plan to capture 15 springs across the hills of Leogane before next July, bringing clean water to many hundreds of people – and ensuring that this epidemic of untamed springs can be brought into submission, no longer running wild in the hillsides!


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